I started my career as cold calling agent in 2014. It took me 2 years to fully understand what an insurance agent is looking for in terms of leads , by working with the best in the business who sell Final Expense every single day on the phone and in the field. I worked 2 years relentlessly TO DEVELOP A PLATFORM WHERE WE CAN GENERATE 100% LEGIT AND QUALITY LEAD. I am proud to say that the platform I cultivated is the best in business by far. Give X-Telecom a shot and you would never regret it. See you at the top!

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I was introduced to The Final Expense Telesales Model in 2011 thanks to my good friends at Senior Life Insurance Company. While believing in the potential of The Final Expense Telesales Model, It took me close to three years to fully transition completely to the phones. I came from a Field Sales background in which myself & my group became very successful Selling millions of Final Expense but within my 17 years of only selling one product Final Expense Whole Life Insurance Door To Door or Telesales we became Final Expense Insurance Marketing Experts at Lead Generation ranging from Direct Mail to Television LIVE TRANSFERS. . I would travel daily and knock on doors, even Sundays at times, in order to close deals. When i began working in Telesales, i had many doubts, Gradually, while making more and more personal sales over the phones, my doubts in the platform diminished and i became a TOP FINAL EXPENSE TELESALES PRODUCER. I learned early on in my career that the best sales managers were those who led from the front, always CLOSING PERSONAL SALES alongside the team. I have always believed that Final Expense Telesales would be the way of the future and The future is here NOW with all its communication technologies! I want to continue to grow and develop in this business we call Final Expense Insurance Marketing, while paying forward the opportunity afforded to me in my journey as a Final Expense Insurance Man. Thank you God Bless Lauro Herrera.

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